Welcome the the Cell EXPLORERS Zone

In the Cell EXPLORERS Zone classes, youth groups, and their teachers/leaders connect with Cell EXPLORERS team members.

Classes get a 40-minute live structured discussion with the enthusiastic Cell EXPLORERS scientistsĀ  and can ask follow-up questions. Team members are from local ITs and universities and can be undergraduate or postgraduate science students, research scientists or academic staff.

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How to Take Part

Teachers: Find out how to book a chat session for your class!

Who is it for?

Much of the activity is pupil-led (the students ask the questions they want to) so different age groups, ability levels, and backgrounds all get something out of it.

  • Ages from 8-15
  • Primary and secondary schools, academies, and other non-mainstream educational settings

Pupils can ask about the scientists’ daily lives, what encouraged them to become a scientist or what their research is about!

Equipment needed

All your students need is internet and access to a computer or tablet. The live chats are text-based (no video or audio needed) and run through this site.

Secure experience

No personal details are shared on the site, all interaction is through text – there is no video or audio used – and we moderateĀ allĀ content. The only students who can log in are those whoā€™ve been given access by their teacher. Teachers and group leaders also moderate the CHAT.

In addition, all Cell EXPLORERS volunteers are Garda vetted through their own institutions

Our Funders

The Cell EXPLORERS programme, and this collaboration with I’m A Scientist, is funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)