• Question: Wich one of ye works with physical helth most

    Asked by EmilyB to Niall, Kellie, Eoin, Chiara on 23 Nov 2020.
    • Photo: Niall Burke

      Niall Burke answered on 23 Nov 2020:

      A lot of my studies and previous research were focussed on the human heart and our blood vessels, how they work and some of the diseases that affect them. I also learned about how our lungs and skeletal muscles work during my time in university, all of which play very important roles in our physical health.

    • Photo: Kellie Dean

      Kellie Dean answered on 24 Nov 2020:

      We study cancer in my lab, and that definitely affects physical health. But we are looking cells, so it’s not about treating people. There are other scientists who would study overall physical health and systems/organs like how much oxygen we are taking in through breathing or how strong our muscles or bones are.

    • Photo: Eoin Gillespie

      Eoin Gillespie answered on 24 Nov 2020:

      Within my lab we research the how our cells repair damaged DNA. This research helps in our understanding of how our cells correct the many errors that can lead to different diseases which have effects on our health, such as Cancer or Huntington’s disease. My own is currently focusing on cancer research.